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K e v i n  N i x o n   p  h  o  t  o  g  r  a  p  h  y

I come from a small village in West Yorkshire. I moved to London when Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’ was number one in the charts. After dabbling with Architecture I moved to New York City in 1987. It was during this time whilst visiting an art gallery I had an epiphany and decided I wanted to become a photographer. I bought a Nikon F4 and began my journey. I have been passionate about taking photographs ever since. My photography was influenced by Victor Skrebneski then and Sebastio Salgado now. I love to shoot live music, people and buildings. My work has featured extensively in magazines and publications around the world. I currently live in North London.

The above galleries illustrate the range and variety of commissions I undertake.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please do  not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for viewing!

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